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Viewpoint AI is an AI-assisted decision intelligence platform

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Boost Confidence

We make the entire decision-making process transparent and visible to all stakeholders.

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Increase Speed

We automate many parts of the decision making process using AI.

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Reduce Effort

Standard decision making frameworks provide a template from which to start decisions.

The Viewpoint Decision Process

The Decision Loop: The Viewpoint decision loop is designed for optimal decision-making. It collects critical decision information and creates the structure required for transparent and bias free decisions. The loop allows decisions to be replicated, improved, and modularized.

Viewpoint AI Process Diagram
Viewpoint AI vertical process diagram
1. Create Decision
Create and find all of the factors, choices, and viewpoints that are required for a decision. Load data from common sources such as spreadsheets, databases, documents, and more.
4. Discover Consensus
Surface information that leads to optimal decision-making. Make tradeoffs and compromises visible and transparent to all stakeholders. Document the process and share with stakeholders.
3. Refine Understanding
Understand the intricacies of the decision-making process and the parameters that affect choices. Change parameters to understand effects on outcomes. Quantify bias in viewpoints and reduce noise.
2. Gather Viewpoints
Gathering specific viewpoints that are required to surface the decision. All stakeholders are important to remove bias.
5. Make Decisions
Decisions are surfaced from following our unique process.
Viewpoint AI vertical process diagram

Do you want to make better decisions faster and with less effort?

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Work Hand in Hand With AI

You and your team can collaborate on decision making by leveraging the Viewpoint AI platform. We make it easy to get started. Pull in existing information from anywhere you want.

  • Collaborate with our AI
  • Configure easy-to-use web apps to access expertise, data, and judgement.
  • Develop deep insights - easily integrate subject-matter expertise, stakeholder preferences, and decision objectives
  • Our AI will support your team and help identify and fill gaps

Increase Decision Speed

We automate as many parts of the decision making process as possible.

  • Outline your decision process in dedicated apps that create structure for your team
  • Easily work in parallel with other team members
  • Delegate tasks to stakeholders without creating confusion
  • Integrate new information without time delays

Reuse, Refine, & Repeat

  • Refine your understanding of your process and create measurable improvements over time
  • Reinforce success – Turn your best decision frameworks into reusable components
  • void repetitive mistakes – our frameworks accumulate and crystallize expertise every time they are used.

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